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Night of Prayer & Worship Online

Join us online for Night of Prayer & Worship as we lean into the work of the Holy Spirit for comfort and guidance in our lives. We will celebrate communion and pray for the fullness of God’s Spirit to be evident in our lives.

Date: August 13, 2020

Time: 7 PM

For communion elements, feel free to use bread, crackers, or anything similar you already have at home. If you happen to have grape juice or wine, use that. If you don't, use something else (apple juice, water, etc). Pastor Ben will walk us though receiving the elements when it's time.

Not shutting down, stepping up.

We’re all in this together. Each of us can play our part and make a difference in this season. If you have a need, we are ready to help.

Tools for orienting life around Jesus.

Everyone has a next step to take on their faith journey. These resources will help and encourage you along the way.

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