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Prayer Opportunities at Epic

Prayer is the most important thing we can do to advance God's kingdom. We have created several opportunities to seek God in prayer as a community.

October Monthly Prayer Guide

Join us in praying for God to act in 8 specific areas in our church, city, and world in October.

Sunday Intercession Virtual Prayer Gathering

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying on behalf of others. Join us on Zoom on Sunday mornings as we intercede together for our Worship Gatherings and pray for God's promises over our community.

When: Sundays at 8:30 AM

Praying the Word Virtual Prayer Gathering

Are you looking to build new rhythms for prayer and scripture meditation? Join us on Zoom on Wednesday mornings for a special time in God's presence. We spend 30-40 minutes praying through and reflecting on a particular passage from the Bible. You won't be required to pray, unless you volunteer. We suggest having a Bible, journal, and something to write with.

When: Wednesdays at 8:00 AM

Not shutting down, stepping up.

We’re all in this together. Each of us can play our part and make a difference in this season. If you have a need, we are ready to help.

Tools for orienting life around Jesus.

Everyone has a next step to take on their faith journey. These resources will help and encourage you along the way.

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